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Welcome to the English Shotokan Karate Association

The English Shotokan Karate Association better known as ESKA are a renowned Karate association with clubs in Herts, Beds, Cambs and Essex. ESKA was founded in 1979 by Eddie Witcher, Michael Randall, John Van Weenen, Michael Nursey, Roger Hall, Harry Jones and Greg Durant.

ESKA’s Stevenage Hombu Class is taught by the association senior grades. These senior instructors, for the most part, have trained all their Karate lives under Sensei Michael Nursey 9th Dan.

Get in shape now.

Karate is great for fitness, not only staying in shape but for building fitness, stamina and strength.

Great social events.

Although ESKA has Karate at its core, we have a great social calendar, with many events throughout the year to get involved with.

Learn at your own pace.

There is no pressure to grade with ESKA, you can learn at your own pace. We however encourage every student every step of the way.

ESKA Clubs

We have clubs all across Herts, Beds, Cambs and Essex, with our hombu dojo (headquarters) is based in Stevenage. Why not check out our clubs below, or use the ‘Locate a Club’ button…

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What are you waiting for?

Karate is about far more than kicking and punching. Learning karate is a way to develop physical fitness and improve emotional well being. There is a perception that karate is violent and the main focus is breaking bricks. This is not the case. Karate is a way to bring the mind and body together to increase self belief and improve fitness.

Grow your confidence
Fun Environment
Learn self-defence
Compete with others
Improve your fitness