Yesterday (29th October) we held our annual ESKA Competition at the ESKA Honbu (Stevenage Leisure Centre).

It was a fantastic, albeit long day, with some great competitors.

The Day

The competition was well attended by all the 20 ESKA member clubs, with over 300 competitors taking part. The day kicked off at 10am with a standing bow by all competitors and judges to each other and the audience.

As I am sure you can imagine, with such a large number of people it is very difficult to coordinate all the categories and events. So thank you to everyone who remained patient and supported the clubs throughout the day. An even bigger thank you to the judges, referees, admins and organisers who helped the day run as smoothly as possible.

Some Pictures

Whilst we wait for the professional pictures to be sent across (Many thanks to Luke Santilli for once again agreeing to do these) here are some snaps we managed to take on the day.


Whilst some of you already know the results, we will be typing up the official results for each category and sharing this information in the next few days. So stay tuned for more… or signup to our newsletter below to get notified of new ‘news’

Keep training hard and the practice starts for next year… today!


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  1. ian walters
    ian walters says:

    Some really great jiyu kumite from the freestyle competitors and some spectacular techniques including a scoring nidan tobi geri! Especially a very high standard in the ladies freestyle with great control. A real pleasure to help referee such a high quality competition!

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