On Thursday 12th and Monday 16th October, Sensei Gavin Paul held a Kumite Referee course at the Stevenage Hombu.

Covering everything from scoring to penalties the course was very thorough and each attendee received their very own ESKA Kumite rules booklet.


ESKA’s kumite rules closely follow the WUKO’s (World Union of Karate-do Organizations) set of rules. One slight difference is the separation of the Jogai penalty (leaving the area) into its own category, rather than being within the category 2 offences. This makes it easier for the competitors and the referees to track these infringements, which are often the most common within competitions.

Each Kumite competition area there needs to be 3 referees. At any one point there will be 2 referees on the tatami (matted fighting area) the Central Referee (SUSHIN) who starts, stops and scores the match and the mirror judge (FUKUSHIN). There is a third referee who sits at the table the Arbitrator (KANSA).


Here are a few snaps from the course…

There is still time

The competition is fast approaching and the attendees of this course can’t wait to get stuck into refereeing on the day. There is however still time to enter, the deadline for entries is next Monday (23rd October). All participants receive a medal regardless of their result.



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