On 29th October ESKA held its annual competition. You can see the full write up here thanks to Luke Santilli we had some amazing pictures which can be found here.

Now its time for the videos…

We didn’t manage to capture all the competitions, as we only had a few GoPro’s setup to capture the events. However I am sure you’ll agree, sometimes a video is better that a photo. Check out the footage below. Alternatively visit our ESKA YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe!

Video’s Available

I hope you enjoy!


Black Belt Open Kata

ROUND 1: Warwick Gray (AKA) V Adam Kent (AO)

ROUND 1: Kathryn Bullough (AKA) V Kit McDonagh (AO)

ROUND 1: Matt Sanderman (AKA) V Georgina Harris (AO)

ROUND 1: Russ McAlinden (AKA) V Alan Thomas (AO)

ROUND 2: Masaya Yumeda (AKA) V Warwick Gray (AO)

ROUND 2: Andrew Quenet (AKA) V Kit McDonagh (AO)

ROUND 2: Kate Bridle (AKA) V Georgina Harris (AO)

ROUND 2: Russ McAlinden (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Masaya Yumeda (AKA) V Andrew Quenet (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Georgina Harris (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)

FINAL: Andrew Quenet (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)

Adult Team Kata

ROUND 1: St Albans A (AKA) V Stevenage A (AO)

ROUND 1: Cambridge A (AKA) V Knebworth Kata Squad (AO)

ROUND 1: Cambridge B (AKA) V Dunow A (AO)

ROUND 1: St Albans B (AKA) V Hitchin B (AO)

ROUND 1: Hitchin A (AKA) V Knebworth A (AO)

ROUND 2: St Albans A (AKA) V Knebworth Kata Squad (AO)

ROUND 2: St Albans C (AKA) V Cambridge B (AO)

ROUND 2: Cambridge C (AKA) V Hitchin B (AO)

ROUND 2: Hitchin A (AKA) V St Albans D (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Cambridge B (AKA) V Hitchin B (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Knebworth Kata Squad (AKA) V Hitchin A (AO)

FINAL: Knebworth Kata Squad (AKA) V Hitchin B (AO)

Adult Individual Kumite

ROUND 1: Ellis Donnelly (AKA) V Russ McAlinden (AO)

ROUND 1: Greg Wood (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)

ROUND 1: Robert Spires (AKA) V Warwick Gray (AO)

ROUND 2: Russ McAlinden (AKA) V Andrew Leedham (AO)

ROUND 2: Tom Whalley (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)

ROUND 2: Warwick Gray (AKA) V Adam Culley (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Andrew Leedham (AKA) V Masaya Yumeda (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Jo Potts (AKA) V Adam Culley (AO)

SEMI-FINAL: Masaya Yumeda (AKA) V Jo Potts (AO)


Adult Team Kumite

SEMI-FINAL: Cambridge A (AKA) V Hitchin (AO)

FINAL: Hitchin (AKA) V Cambridge B (AO)


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