DAN Grading – Jiyu Kumite

Last night (Thursday 2nd November), all students that are aiming to attempt their Dan grading next Saturday, took their Jiyu Kumite portion of the exam.

With such a large number of students aiming to grade next week, the whole lesson was devoted to this.

How does it work?

The Jiyu Kumite part of your Dan grading requires you to fight 3,4 or 5 karate-ka for a minute each consecutively. The number of karate-ka is determined by the grade being attempted:

  • Intermediate Dan – 3 Karate-ka
  • Shodan – 3 Karate-ka
  • Nidan – 4 Karate-ka
  • Sandan – 5 Karate-ka

It is an extremely tough task, both mentally and physically pushing students to their limits. The lesson started with those going for black belt up first, followed by those grading for intermediate black belt and finally Helen & Steve grading for Sandan.

Running Order

  1. Neil Fisher (1st – Adam Culley, 2nd – Ray Smith & 3rd – Matt Steggles)
  2. Matt Steggles (1st – Neil FIsher, 2nd – Michael Dodds, 3rd – Tony Bygrave)
  3. Tony Bygrave (1st – Matt Steggles, 2nd – Sensei Paul Raymond & 3rd – James Pawley
  4. James Pawley (1st – Tony Bygrave, 2nd – Russell McAlinden & 3rd – Nigel De Silva)
  5. Nigel De Silva (1st – James Pawley, 2nd – Warwick Gray & 3rd – Tom Walley)
  6. Tom Walley (1st – Nigel De Silva, 2nd – Jo Potts & 3rd – Andrew Leedham)
  7. Andrew Leedham (1st – Tom Walley, 2nd – Matt Allen & 3rd – Nick Kozuch)
  8. Nick Kozuch (1st – Andrew Leedham, 2nd – Matt Sandeman, 3rd – Susan Page)
  9. Susan Page (1st – Nick Kozuch, 2nd – Adam Culley & 3rd – Helen Higgins)
  10. Helen Higgins (1st – Susan Page, 2nd – Sandy Sahota, 3rd – Sensei Jo Alexander, 4th Jess Croucher & 5th – Steve Pearce)
  11. Steve Pearce (1st – Helen Higgins, 2nd – Michael Dodds, 3rd – Warwick Gray, 4th – Jo Potts & 5th – Matt Allen)

Everyone did extremely well and finished on their feet! Sensei Gavin Paul commented that it was one of the best Dan grading Jiyu Kumites he has witnessed.

Thank you

Thanks must go to those who came down to help on the day, without willing karate-ka’s it can be very tough filling in the numbers for each bout. Thank you to Sensei’s Gavin, Paul R, Paul G, Owen and Angus for organising, timing and overall smooth running.

Now just the small feat of the grading next Saturday, good luck everyone.


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