On Sunday 10th December we held our last KYU grading of 2017 and boy was it one to remember (or rather forget?!).

With the heavy snowfall on the Saturday night through to Sunday morning, it presented us with a challenge we have never had to deal with before.


With the time of 9:40am and only having 2 Instructors present, it was clear there were going to be some delays due to the condition of the roads.

At around 10am enough examiners had arrived, to be able to start the grading even without the normal paperwork. After a warm-up, those students that had managed to make it for 10am were split into their respective grades and graded.

As students arrived throughout the morning, they were slotted into grading’s. The aim bring to get them in and out as quickly as possible, so parents could get back on the road and head for home.

Thank You

I want to thank all of the parents and students for bearing with us and more importantly for braving the weather and heading out.

A huge thank you to all the ESKA Instructors and examiners who showed how resilient we are as an organisation and despite the circumstances approached the challenge with professionalism, positivity and excellence.

Thank you!

Snowed In?

Due to the exceptional conditions that we were presented with on Sunday, we have agreed that for anyone that couldn’t make the grading, your grading can be completed at your respective club.

To find out more details you will need to contact your club instructor, click here for contact details.

Next Grading

With this being the last grading of 2017, we have published all Grading dates for 2018. So add them to your calendar today!

2018 Grading Dates – Click Here

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