As you may know, history is a very important part of Karate-do and its important we don’t forget where it all started. With Karate being showcased at the 2020 Olympics it is important that we don’t forget our roots and the teachings of old Karate masters.

To that end I have over the last few weeks/months put together what I believe to be an accurate account of our Karate heritage in the form of a timeline.

New Web Page

The history section will live on its very own page. You can find this under the ‘Welcome’ heading on the menu bar, or you can just click here. The page may take a while to initially load, so be patient :-).

The timeline is displayed from the earliest known event to the latest. As you scroll down the page the next events in line should appear. Each timeline milestone can be clicked on to reach more information regarding that event or individual.


As with anything in history, the further you go back the more vague its gets. I have compiled the information based on what I have researched from the internet (a lot from Wikipedia!) and books. I am sure there may be differences of opinion and facts.

I would like to invite you to feel free to feedback any information you feel in inaccurate or could do with elaborating/tweaking. I will of course need the correct information to put in its place, which is the only catch!

It would be great to be able to build upon this starting point, over the course of years to come. So feel free to contribute any stories or ideas you may have.


Feel free to comment on the actual history page / milestone page (you will need to register for an account to do this – here) – or drop me an email on

Happy Reading!


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