With yesterday being Shrove Tuesday or more widely known as “Pancake Day”, it means today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent. Around the world Christian’s observe the days leading up to Easter Sunday by not giving into temptations (mainly giving up chocolate and other sugary treats). But for Neil Fisher from the St. Albans club, he has decided upon a different approach.

Neil has set himself a challenge to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK by waking up at 5am every day and performing all of the 16 Kata’s he currently knows in his local park.

Come rain or shine (or even snow), Neil will work his way out of bed at 5am sharp and trek across to his local park. He will then perform in order the 16 Kata’s from start to finish, before returning home to carry on with the rest of his day. Over the 44 days of lent, that’s 704 Katas! All completed before breakfast!

All for a Good Cause

Whilst many will think that Neil’s gone mad, he is doing so for a good cause. Neil would like to raise as much money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. If you would like to support Neil in reaching his target of £300, please use the link below to make a donation.

Neil’s Just Giving Page – Click Here


Kata List

Neil will be completing the following Katas every day from start to finish:

  1. Taikyoku Shodan
  2. Heian Shodan
  3. Heian Nidan
  4. Heian Sandan
  5. Heian Yondan
  6. Heian Godan
  7. Tekki Shodan
  8. Bassai Dai
  9. Kanku Dai
  10. Enpi
  11. Jitte
  12. Ji’on
  13. Ji’in
  14. Tekki Nidan
  15. Bassai Sho
  16. Chinte


114/02/2018It was very cold outside on the first day – job done!
215/02/2018Today was a bit milder although I did get to chat with a lad doing the walk of shame. He must have had a great Valentines Day 😉
316/02/2018Nearly the weekend, lets do this!
417/02/2018Good start to a Saturday!
518/02/2018Feel ready for the day now.
619/02/2018Can’t wait for the mornings to get lighter.
720/02/2018Kata’s are getting better, not sure about the bags under my eyes!
821/02/2018This is getting a bit repetitive now…
922/02/2018Job Done, still very dark!
1023/02/2018Today was the coldest to date but in some ways, that makes it more interesting.  In the pitch dark, all senses seem to be far more alert and Im very aware of noise throughout the motions.  Its almost as if you can hear poor technique as well as feel it!
1124/02/2018Job Done!
1225/02/2018Now to enjoy Sunday!
1326/02/2018When will it get lighter
1427/02/2018Snow is on its way…
1528/02/2018Snow gave me some light earlier and -6 degs!
1601/03/2018I have to say, its hasn’t been as cold as I was expecting and once you start moving, its fine.  But im very aware of tight muscles potentially going ‘ping’ in the cold, so kicking has been low!
1702/03/2018This last week has been interesting, given the temperature drop and conditions.  The snow has given some much needed light and helps with turns.
1803/03/2018Job done!
1904/03/2018Why couldn’t lent be in the Summer?
2005/03/2018Could murder a pancake right about now…
2106/03/2018I’m surprised the dog walkers haven’t reported me by now!
2207/03/2018Half way there!
2308/03/2018Over half way now, I can do this!
2409/03/2018I can’t wait for a lay-in
2510/03/2018‘Walk of shames’ out this morning!
2611/03/2018Lazy Sunday…not me
2712/03/2018Is that a bit of light I see?
2813/03/2018I’ve noted the Spring light is coming although its still dark at 5am
2914/03/2018I’ve also noticed the pattern of life for a fox at this time of day as well as a few people off to start their early shifts somewhere.
3015/03/2018Some days the kata flow nicely and on others, its poor.  I have no idea why that occurs!
3116/03/2018Nearly the weekend!
3217/03/2018It’s tempting to go back to bed
3318/03/2018So much for a lazy Sunday
3419/03/2018I think its warming up?
3520/03/2018I think my body clock may have changed.
3621/03/2018I CAN DO THIS!
3722/03/2018Shall I have a go on the kids park equipment?
3823/03/2018The clock’s change this weekend, does that mean the start of summer?
3924/03/201840 Days tomorrow, nearly there.
4025/03/2018That’s 40 days of waking up at 5am… Do my eyes tell that storey?
4126/03/2018I can almost taste victory… or was that the garlic bread from last night’s tea?
4227/03/2018Getting so close…
4328/03/201843/44 days completed.  I can give you my word that I made it every day and tomorrow’s glory lap will not be missed.
4429/03/2018And that’s it, I’m done!

Snow Picture

Neil sent us this photo when it was snowing! Looks a bit creepy to me… screams out ‘Walking Dead’!


Summary – Finished!

So after 44 days Neil completed his challenge.

  • 720 Kata’s performed in total
  • 22 Hours of Karate
  • Earliest start of 4:55am!
  • Latest start of 5:05am!
  • Lowest temperature -7 Degrees
  • Highest temperature 2 Degrees
  • A few foxes, a few rats, 1 drunk and 2 bags under Neil’s eyes


Neil has promised to give us regular updates with how he gets on.

Good Luck Neil!


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