On 26th and 27th May the rearranged AMA International Karate Championships took place in Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

The great news is ESKA had some winners… Read on for more details:

Masaya Yumeda (Cambridge)

Kata: “Male Veteran open”

Masaya started with a powerful Gojushiho Dai, which got him into the final 6. Then preformed a dynamic Sochin to place about 4th.

Kata: “Male Shotokan open”

This time he started with a fantastic Sochin, which again got him into the final. Then finished with a very impressive Gojushiho Dai  to place about 5th.

Kata: “Male Seniors open”

In this event he started with a solid Kanku Dai, but sadly didn’t get enough points to go any further.

Kumite: “Male Veteran Kumite”

Masaya had a very close fight in the first round (in fact he was ahead at one point), but lost it in the end.

Kumite: “Male senior -85kg”

In this event Masaya had a bit more of a challenge as these guys were younger, faster and taller. Despite a valiant struggle he again went out in the first round.

And that was the end of Masaya’s competition. A very impressive performance, entering 5 events over two days and representing ESKA with spirit!


Matthew Passingham (Knebworth)

Kata: “Cadet 15-17 years Shotokan kata”

Matthew started with a very good Empi (nice jump), which got him into the second round. Then preformed his best kata; Gankaku (without wobbling at all!) to place around 6th in that event.

Kata: “Male 15+ years Open kata”

Again Matthew started with Empi, unfortunately this time it wasn’t quite enough to get him through to the second round.

This is Matthews second time at the AMA International, but he is still finding his form. Each time though, he gets better and better.


Kate Bridle (St Albans)


Kata: “Female 18+ Shotokan kata”

Kate started with a good Kanku Dai, but didn’t quite earn enough points to go on to next round.

Kata: “Female 15+ Open kata”

This time Kate started with an even better Jiin, but again didn’t quite earn enough points to go on to next round.

This was Kate’s first attempt at a big external competition, so she was quite nervous (as anyone would be). However she conquered her nerves to perform at least as well as she does in the club, which is not easy (most people drop a few points due to nerves). I think Kate has real potential.


Rose Kusmierek-Peh (Hatfield)

Kata: “Girls 3rd Kyu and above, 14 years and under kata”

Rose’s first kata was an excellent Bassai Dai and this got her through to second round. In the second round she did Nijushi-ho but unfortunately this wasn’t enough to get her through to the final.

Kata: “Girls 3rd Kyu and above, 14 years and under Shotokan kata”

Another excellent Bassai Dai and through to 2nd round. Then a really great Jiin (her best kata) and through to final. In the final it was Nijushi-ho, which didn’t quite get her a medal. However to come in the top 6 out of 30ish is prity good going, especially given that most of her competitors were older and higher grades.

Considering that Rose is only 11 and a 3rd kyu, she did very well beating several Black Belts and many others who were older than her.


Kacper Kedziak (Hatfield)

Kata: “Boys 3rd kyu and above, 14 years and under Shotokan Kata”

Kacper started with a really good Heian Godan (the best I’ve seen him do) which really deserved to go further, but unfortunately not this time. So he just missed out in getting to the second round.

Kata: “Boys 3rd kyu and above, 14 years and under open Kata”

Again he started with Heian Godan and was going really well until he made a small mistake and that was that.

Kacper, like Rose and Theo, was up against much older kids with more experience and higher grades. He performed probably the best Heian kata there, but this was not enough in a group with BB’s and 1st Kyus. However, each time he competes he gets better and better, so watch this space.


Theo Price (St Albans)

Kata: “Boys 3rd kyu and above, 14 years and under Shotokan Kata”

Theo also started with a nice Heian Godan, but unfortunately like Kacper, didn’t make the next round either.

Kata: “Boys 3rd kyu and above, 14 years and under open Kata”

This time Theo started with Heian Yondan, which he performed really well, but again didn’t quite make it to the second round.

Kumite: “Boys 10-12 years 150cm and under kumite”

Theo was about 4th fight up in this event. He started like a whirl wind of legs and arms and this certain put off his opponent for a while. Eventual the more experienced boy was able to get round Theo’s defence and out score him. Still a really great effort from Theo.

This was the first time that Theo has been to the AMA International, but he was not overawed at all. He had to wait a long time for his turn to compete and unlike other kids he just practiced away on a spare mat by himself. So well done Theo!


Andreas Petcov (Hatfield)

Kumite: “Boys 13-14 years 3kyu and above Kumite”

Andreas had it hard, in his category everyone was much taller and mostly older than him.  Never the less he fought strongly and scored some points, but in the end he lost to a boy who ended up as a finalist. So not bad for Andreas.

Once Andreas grows a bit and we sharpen his skills, I think that we have a real winner here. He is a natural fighter and moves well, so with a little improvement who knows…..


Nichiforos Petcov (Hatfield)

Kumite: “Boys -9 years open Kumite”

Nichiforos was a little star. In his first fight he scored several Gyacku zuki’s to win easily. In his second fight he caught is opponent with 2 perfect jodan mawashi geri’s and won that too. In his third and last fight, he just lost but still managed another jodan mawashi.

And that earned him a bronze medal!!! Only the second medal for the ESKA SQUAD. Well done Nichiforos!


Sensei John Gillespie (Hatfield)

Kata: “Male Veteran open”

The final piece of news is that Sensei John Gillespie won his Kata category against some stiff competition. Congratulations Sensei John!

The full list of results can be found on the AMA website or by clicking here.



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