On Saturday 4th August, the ESKA senior grades and club instructors gathered at Sensei Nursey’s house for a summer BBQ.

We were spoiled with the weather and fun was had all round!

Top Notch Grub!

The day was filled by fun, food and games! Sensei put on a lovely BBQ spoiling us with top notch steak burgers and Louisiana spiced burgers… not to mention the famous Stilton and Pork Sausages and a new addition for 2018, Marmite and Cheddar Cheese Sausages (It was clear that you either loved them or hated them!)

After filling our guts, we quickly all got roped into an epic water fight, which was a welcome relief in the blazing sun. It was at this point in the day, that it slipped out that it was Sensei Steve’s birthday… so he proceeded to get drenched head to toe by the little ones and Lisa (his wife).


The Bumps

After being satisfactorily saturated with food and drink and allowing those participating in the water fight to wring out their clothes, it was suggested that Sensei Steve should be given the bumps, all 33 of them! This idea sounded great, until everyone was into the 2nd ‘bump’, the groans and moans became louder and louder, with the last few bumps allowing Steve to hit the floor.

Check out the videos below… (may contain bad language 🙂 )

If was shortly after this that we noticed that Sensei’s fence was broken. The fence has stood proud in its position for many years and it is such a shame to have seen it broken. If anyone is able to let Sensei know who broke his fence can you please report it to SenseiBrokeHisOwnFence@eska.org.uk 🙂



As is customarily at these summer events, we all took part in a game of rounders… and apparently this is the winning team?!


EPIC Tug of War

We have to thank Sensei Angus for this one… he always comes prepared! It turns out Sensei Angus carries a 200m long rope ready to tow any broken down Car, Van, Lorry, Bus and Aeroplane…

So… we turned it into an EPIC Tug of War, check out the video below…



Drinking then continued into the night, with some cracking out the Cheese and Port. Then everyone retired to their Tents, Taxis or in Sensei Angus’ case his Caravan…

What a great day, thanks Sensei!

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