Bonfire Party

On Saturday 3rd November as is customary for this time of year, a few higher Dan grades and club owners gathered at Sensei & Rae’s house for a BBQ, Firework and Bonfire party!

It was a great evening with fun, food, fireworks and lots of laughter…

Sensei & Rae were kind enough to host a Bonfire party at their house in Little Staughton. On arrival the first course of action was to light the Bonfire!!! This task was given to Warwick, who added some diesel and then lit the match! Once the diesel took hold it was well underway and we all started to feel its warmth, albeit surrounded in diesel fumes. The pictures below doesn’t quite give it justice… Let’s just say, for those of us who had trouble finding the house, the flames could be seen from the main road!


Once again the self acclaimed “Hanshi of BBQ’s” Julian was at hand, to cook up a feast of Sausages and Burgers. Sensei Rae had also knocked up a wonderful curry to warm your cockles, this didn’t last 5 minutes and I managed to miss out on having my 2nd bowl…Yummy! For those burger and sausage lovers, there was a difference in the type of accompaniments available this year. Sensei had provided his special ‘hot cheese’, which is only for the brave. I had brought along some of my homemade Scotch bonnet ketchup, which would make the strongest water at the eyes. Finally Lisa had made a Scotch Bonnet chili Jam, for those who like the sweet and chili combination in their burger.

Sadly we didn’t get a picture of the grub this year… it was too good to waste time taking photos over and potentially missing another sausage. Here is an artists recreation of the burger…


Once everyone had scoffed some grub and warmed themselves up by mount Vesuvius; myself, Sensei Tony Stones and Sensei John Gillespie trekked off beyond the reach of the fires warmth to the field. Sensei had cleared an area for us to setup and light the fireworks, however we didn’t manage to realise that and found our own area to get started on the main event! Foreman Tony took the lead aided by his fellow grunts me and John, after some quick project management and a lot of ummms and arrrrs, Tony laid down the plan for us. Myself and Sensei John looked at each other and then had to remind Tony that we weren’t installing specialist LED lighting and that we should just line them up in rows. Tony said it was all getting very emotional and we decided to crack on….But before we could start, Tony had another requirement we had to satisfy… Elf and Safety and he quickly pulled out 3 Hi-Vis jackets and 3 Safety glasses. Very emotional!

The Setup

So aided by a wheelbarrow, some bricks and donning our state-of-the-art safety gear we began setting up the fireworks.

I think its safe to say that there were significantly more that last year! Last years single cake was replaced by multiple cakes and topped by Sensei Owen’s ‘cake’ which was more like the size of a teenager, so naturally needed special care, so we gave it to Matt Allen to carry. With the shear number of fireworks this year, it took a while to setup, so naturally the crowd got impatient and started jeering and singing a chorus of ‘Why are we waiting’ led by my Wife Lisa…cheers babe! Once setup we began lighting them, we announced to the crowd we were going to be lighting Sensei Owen’s first and with much expectation we left off the smallest rocket we could find… I think the crowd then realised what had happened and said we confused Owen’s with Angus’ firework. Next we set off the largest rocket I have ever seen and we were sure it would reach the moon, after this John proceeded to work along the back line of fireworks lighting them all in one go and retreating to safe distance. All was going very well, we knew this from the the customary “Ooooo’s” and “Ahhhhh’s” that we were treated to.


Everything went off without a glitch… well almost, we managed to set fire to Sensei’s field, but Tony was quickly on hand to stamp it out!

All was quiet in 2018

Despite the trouble that threatened to erupt in 2017 (Read about it here) there were no interruptions from a certain Neighbour and his dog. The only reminiscence to last years charade coming from Sensei Gavin’s new T-Shirt. Its a lovely little black number with the wording “Is that you Mr Nursey?” printed on the front. I have heard from Paris that this may be 2019’s must have, so Sensei Gavin is taking orders on a first come first served basis.

Relight my fire

Once we returned from the fireworks, we quickly realised that the bonfire had fizzled down and needed to be urgently topped up. Sensei decided it was time to get out his toy tractor and bring some more wood to the party… with the help of his lumberjack minions of course.


After the fireworks and bonfire topup were finished, naturally everyone was on a massive come down. Therefore what better than to introduce the puds… Helen Higgins had made a real tasty Ginger cake. Then it was left to the ginormous marshmallows to be toasted over the bonfire.

Some Other Pictures

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