Our annual ESKA Dinner & Dance was held on 24th November 2018 at the Needham House Hotel in Little Wymondley.

This was the 2nd year the event has been held back at the Needham House Hotel a central location which is great for most clubs to get to.

The evening was full of drinks, awards, food, dancing and most importantly fun!

2nd Year and Even Better

This was our 2nd year back at the Needhams House Hotel (Most of us still referring to it as the Blakemore)

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Certificates & Awards

As is usual with our Dinner & Dance, we take this opportunity to present Dan grade certificates, Coaching qualifications and the 2 trophies; Sensei Peter Cox Karate Award and the Sensei Edward Docwra Spirit Cup. Have you checked out our Dan grade register…click here!


Coaching Qualifications

First up was Sensei Tony Stones (ESKA Coaching Officer) along with Sensei John Gillespie as Sensei Paul Grimsey was still on his Honeymoon so was unable to complete the full ESKA Coaching Team. Congratulations to the following individuals, who were awarded their ESKA Instructor certificate.

  • Matthew Sanderman – Hitchin
  • Tony Bygrave – Ickleford
  • Ray Smith – Stevenage
  • Neil Fisher – St. Albans
  • Graham Fountain – Knebworth
  • Matthew Steggles – St. Albans
  • Wendy Walters – Stevenage
  • Maddie Webb (Assistant Instructor) – Stevenage

Junior Shodan Certificates

Sensei Nursey and Sensei Gavin Paul next got up to present the junior Shodan Certificates along with the rest of the Dan grade certificates, of which there were a few!

  • Elliot Greenwood – Knebworth
  • Tabitha Greenwood – Knebworth
  • Adam Snowden – Knebworth
  • Najeeb Mohiuddin – Hitchin
  • Simren Sahota – St. Albans

Shodan Certificates

  • Matthew Steggles – St. Albans
  • Neil Fisher – St. Albans
  • Tony Bygrave – Ickleford
  • Nigel De Silva – Knebworth
  • Jenson Basa – Stevenage

Nidan Certificates

  • Ian Drew – St. Albans
  • Matthew Sanderman – Hitchin

Sandan Certificates

  • Sensei Warwick Gray – Hitchin

Godan Certificates

  • Sensei Jeff Rand – Cambridge


After all of the Dan grade certificates were awarded it was time to move onto the 2 awards. First up was the Sensei Peter Cox Karate Award, which is awarded to a karate-ka under the age of 21. Then we completed the awards with the Sensei Edward Docwra Spirit Cup.

Sensei Peter Cox – Karate Award

  • Georgina Harris – St. Albans

Sensei Edward Docwra – Spirit Cup

  • Sensei John Gillespie – Hatfield


Then it was down to partying the night away, whether it was dancing to the Macarena on the dance floor, or a cheeky Guinness at the bar, everyone was having fun! It all finished at the hotel bar with some ‘quiet’ drinks concluding at the early time of 5:30am. I’m sure there were some sore heads in the morning…


Can’t wait until next year!



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