On Monday 4th February 2019, Sensei Nursey celebrated a very special birthday! With Monday also being the ‘first Monday of the month lesson’ he got the chance to celebrate it along with most of the ESKA black belts.

Before the normal lesson kicked off, Sensei stood out the front of the class and asked if everyone could get together for a group photo. After establishing a group of people that still have working knees to kneel down on the front row, we all put on our best smiles and eagerly awaiting the 10 second countdown of the camera… It quickly became awkward after 20 seconds and still no flash! So Sensei Rae was brought to the rescue to take the picture the old fashioned way.

Here’s the result…

It was great to have so many black belts attend the lesson, with 37 ESKA black belts present. After the photo we all lined up and Sensei Luke took the warm-up.

Before starting the lesson, Sensei John Gillespie stood out the front and presented Sensei Nursey with his present. All the ESKA Dan grades had a whip around, to try and enable Sensei to achieve one of his dreams of flying a Spitfire. Sensei was given a silver model Spitfire and the money collected along with a fabulous card…

We then had a shorter than normal lesson covering the importance of hip movement using a series of Age Uke’s and Gyaku Zuki’s. Alot of the senior ESKA Instructors then split off from the class to head towards the curry house, for Sensei’s surprise meal organised by Sensei Rae.

We all had an amazing curry and a couple of ‘orange juices’ to wash it down with. It was an amazing night celebrating a individual who has devoted 40 years of his life to ESKA and even more to Karate-do.

Happy Birthday Sensei and we all look forward to many more years with you at the helm of the best Martial Art’s association in the UK!!!



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