Bonfire Party

On Saturday 2nd November as is customary for this time of year, a few higher Dan grades and club owners gathered at Sensei & Rae’s house for a BBQ, Firework and Bonfire party!

It was a great evening (albeit a bit wet!) with fun, food, fireworks (big ones!) and lots of laughter…

Sensei & Rae were kind enough to host a Bonfire party at their house in Little Staughton. On arrival the first course of action was to light the Bonfire, it was amazing… once we finished dodging the initial embers being blown by the wind!!!


Once again the self acclaimed “Hanshi (Master) of BBQ’s” Julian was at hand, to cook up a feast of Stilton Sausages and Epic Juicy Burgers. I would go on to tell you about the chicken, but it didn’t last too minutes and I didn’t manage to get any.

The burgers were amazing as ever… with the choice of cheese or ‘hot cheese’


Once everyone had scoffed some grub it was time for the main event. As normal everyone brought a firework each, which made sure we amassed an amount that truly could have brought down the Houses of Parliament! Myself, Sensei Tony Stones and a new hire for 2020 Sensei Paul Raymond trekked off beyond the reach of the fires warmth to the field.

Sensei had cleared an area for us to setup and light the fireworks and we have specially created wooden brackets to secure them in place! Chief Foreman Tony took the lead aided by his fellow lemmings me and Paul. After some quick project management and a lot of ummms and arrrrs, Tony laid down the plan for us. Tony reassured us that his plan was sound, as he works for a company that installs lights. Not too sure this was a good comparison or maybe his customers are experiencing exploding lights as I write?

Tony said it was all getting very emotional and we decided to crack on….But before we could start, Tony had another requirement we had to satisfy… Elf and Safety and he quickly pulled out 3 Hi-Vis jackets, 3 Safety glasses, 3 Huge lamps and new for 2019 a Wheelbarrow and Spade (Are we digging graves for ourselves?). Very emotional!

The Setup

So aided by a wheelbarrow, some specially made wooden pegs, spade and donning our state-of-the-art safety gear we began setting up the fireworks.

Each year we beat the previous years display and there were some particularly large ones which we set off first. So after setting off the most enormous rocket we could find, we lit the cakes, which didn’t disappoint. The crowd responded with the normal “Oooooooo’s” and “Ahhhhhhh’s”


The video doesn’t quite do it justice!

All was quiet in 2019

Despite the trouble that threatened to erupt in 2017 (Read about it here) there were still no interruptions from a certain Neighbour and his dog.


After the fireworks and bonfire topup were finished, naturally everyone was on a massive come down. Therefore what better than to introduce the puds… Helen Higgins had made a real tasty cake as usual. Then it was left to the ginormous marshmallows to be toasted over the bonfire.

Other Photos

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