On the 5/6 of March the ESKA Squad went to the 2022 AMA International Competition in Sheffield. We had 18 competitors entering 34 categories over the two days, which made this the largest ESKA squad for many decades.

A hugely popular competition

This competition is massive with, 6 areas fully matted and a large stand. There were around 500 competitors on the first day and 700 on the second. Usually, clubs and associations from all over the world come to this event, but this year it was mainly people from the home countries.

Given that the squad has not been able to train properly for two years, the performance at this competition was surprisingly good: Most got through a round (30+ competitors down to just 12), some made it all the way to the final (last 6) and we even had three medal winners!


The gold star has to go to Jasmine Abrey who, after a 10 year absence from competition, took FIRST place in the ladies vets kata! Jasmine also did well in the ladies Shotokan Open coming 6th.

The silver star goes to Eseniya Voinova of Hitchin, who performed brilliantly yet again (she has won medals before) and this time walked away with SECOND place in the Girls 4th Kyu kata category.

The bronze star goes to Andreas Petcov, who after a several attempts at the AMA, finally won a medal and he did it in style with a very memorable Jodan Mawashi Geri in his last fight. Andreas took home a bronze medal for THIRD place in the 16–17-year-old Sanbon kumite.

Honourable mention goes to: Rose Kusmierek-Peh who came 4th in both her kata categories (0.1 points out of the medals!) and performed fantastically. Kacper Kedziak who made it to the final in both his kata events and the second round of the cadet kumite! Max Galloway for making it to the final of the Boys 12 years Brown/Black kata. Brother Jack Galloway for making the final of Boys 13/15 years Brown/Black kata. Nichiforos Petcov for winning a tough fight in the first round to get to the second round in the boys 10-12 years kumite. Casey Hunt for getting to the second round of the Boys 10 years old Brown/Black kata and getting to the second round in the boys 9 years kumite. Elena Clarkson who got to the second round of the Girls 10-12 Brown/Black kata. Last, but not least, Sensei Ian Walters for making it to the FINAL in both the Vets kata (4th place) and the Shotokan open.

Pre-competition, part of the squad and families met up at Nandos (thanks Farhan for arranging that!) for a meal and a chat. We always have a great time when everyone is together for these occasions and a lot of good team building took place.

All I’ll say about the post competition curry is that it was epic!

A big “Thank-You” to my fellow coaches Masaya and Mick for all their help on the day. I really couldn’t do it without them

The Full Squad

  • Eseniya Voinova
  • Casey Hunt
  • Zak Raw
  • Elena Clackson
  • Evelyn Llewellyn
  • Nichiforos Petcov
  • Max Galloway
  • Kacper Kedziak
  • Jack Galloway
  • Andreas Petcov
  • Antonio Pintillie
  • Katie Shepherd
  • Rose Kusmeirek-Peh
  • Jasmine Abrey
  • Matthew Passingham
  • Matt Allen
  • Masaya Yumeda
  • Ian Walters


  • John Gillespie
  • Masaya Yumeda
  • Mick Dennis
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