The ESKA Championships were held on Sunday 16th October at the Stevenage Hombu (ESKA Headquarters), the first since 2019, due to covid.  It was great to be back!

EPIC Competition

The club response was incredible with over 370 entries across the entire English Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA).  Karate-Ka had long awaited the return of the highly coveted ESKA Championships!

There were twenty categories for juniors (13 and under), seven categories for Cadets (14-17) and eleven Adult categories: 38 categories in all, running continuously on all six Areas.

The morning kicked-off at 09:00 with all participants lined up opposite the association judges and officials for the formal bow.  Etiquette is a key element of ESKA’s traditional karate association and therefore Competitions commence with a bow to each other and our audience guests.

The first events of the day exploded into action for Team Kata Events in five different categories: JT1 for junior teams of green belt and below, JT2 for junior teams of purple belt and above, CT1 & CT2 for cadets (age 14-17) and a team category for Adult kata teams. Thirty six kata teams from fifteen ESKA Clubs participated overall, showing the popularity of the team Events.

The lower grade categories for Kata and Basics followed on four Areas from 10:00 starting with White to Orange belts, with Junior Kumite (freestyle) for yellow belts and upwards on the two matted Areas, which continued until 13:00.  It was particularly great to see so many younger and lower grade members taking part (for many this would be the first opportunity to take part in a competition), fantastic spirit and enthusiasm at such an early stage!  Totally Awesome!

With junior events finished, it was time for the Cadet freestyle and 16-17 Kata to erupt, both of which proved very popular, with many contestants.  The Cadet standard was extremely high, which was great to see, since for almost all of the competitors, this was their very first Cadet competition.

Adult kata categories commenced at 10:30 with the White – Orange kata category, followed by the higher Adult grades, culminating in the black belt categories, where many of the judges swapped their judge’s uniforms for Karate gis so they could compete.

All the contestants showed great determination and karate spirit and all that attended enjoyed the high quality of karate on show.

Overall the Competition was a great success , with 379 entries across all the many clubs in ESKA across Herts, Beds, Cambs and Essex.  This year ESKA trialled online digital entry, online payment, electronic scoring and online real-time announcements, all of which performed well.  Thanks also to our 30 qualified ESKA Referees, Judges and Officials for their dedication and hard-work to make the competition such a success.


Below are the official results from the day.

GROUP JB1 – junior basics (WHITE BELTS)

1stMuhammad Hisham Abdul-HamidRedbourn


Azaria KitsonStevenage
3rdMuhammad Aadam Abdul-HamidRedbourn
3rdCharlie RogersIckleford

GROUP JB2 – junior basics (blue BELTS)

1stEvander MilnerRedbourn
2ndGeorge RaynerTakeley & Little Canfield
3rdScott ParsonsStevenage

GROUP JB3 – junior basics (red BELTS)

1stEsme CobeyBiggleswade
2ndEllen MortimoreKnebworth
3rdGeorge CooperKnebworth
3rdCharlie CooperKnebworth

GROUP JB4 – junior basics (orange BELTS)

1stAbubakr Abdul-RahmanSt. Albans
2ndShyam MojumderStevenage
3rdBenjamin CareyHitchin
3rdKoby-Rae SurreyKnebworth
3rdGrace NooneKnebworth

GROUP Jt1 – junior team (green & below)

1stYBROCambridge – The Leys
2ndBomphkidsSt. Albans
3rdJack and OscarKnebworth
3rdTeam RamCodicote

GROUP Jt2 – junior team (purple & above)

1stBatman and RobinCodicote
2ndThe Karate KidsWestminster Lodge
3rdItchy and ScratchyCodicote
3rdTeam RussellHitchin


1stElias ShoaibHatfield
2ndEshua MuzaferovStevenage
3rdHala AbdelqaderWestminster Lodge
3rdMaxwell PruttonKnebworth


1stEllen MortimoreKnebworth
2ndPranav PanchamukhiBirchwood
3rdDante AntoniDuxford
3rdWynton Braham-EverettIckleford

GROUP Jk4 – KATA (orange BELTS)

1stAbubakr Abdul-RahmanSt. Albans
2ndGrace Noone

Junior Jano



3rdViktoria Echiadi

Saoirse Hares

Ashton Mileham

Cambridge – Cottenham

St. Albans


GROUP Jk5 – KATA (yellow BELTS)

1stBerzan CeylanBiggleswade
2ndBen EvansHitchin
3rdThomas PhebyBiggleswade
3rdHarry HomseyBiggleswade

GROUP Jk6 – KATA (green BELTS)

1stBethany LawsonCambridge – Cottenham
2ndDrew HurstKnebworth
3rdNadir NocchiaCambridge – The Leys
3rdRosie BomphreySt. Albans

GROUP Jk7 – KATA (purple BELTS)

1stSelsebille TayaaHatfield
2ndZak TazinyHitchin
3rdAlia AttiaCambridge – The Leys
3rdRuby HildyardTakeley & Little Canfield

GROUP Jk8 – KATA (3rd & 2nd Kyu)

1stEseniya VoinovaHitchin
2ndFilip Andrei LupsaStevenage
3rdFin EganKnebworth
3rdHeather AllenKnebworth

GROUP Jk9 – KATA (1st kyu & above)

1stMax GallowayHatfield
2ndElena ClarksonCodicote
3rdLily Kusmierek-PehHatfield
3rdEvelyn LlewellynCodicote

GROUP JF3A – junior freestyle (yellow/green belt)

1stYiliang LiuCambridge – The Leys
2ndJack Costa KanwarKnebworth
3rdJamie DarbyStevenage
3rdJames HumblesThe Ryde

GROUP JF3B – junior freestyle (yellow/green belt)

1stNicholas Menezes CherbinoThe Ryde
2ndYibo LiuCambridge – The Leys
3rdToby FreelandBiggleswade
3rdNadir NocchiaCambridge – The Leys

GROUP JF4A – junior freestyle (purple belt)

1stHarley LewisStevenage
2ndBeau LewisStevenage
3rdZak TazinyHitchin
3rdThomas HomseyBiggleswade

GROUP JF4B – junior freestyle (purple belt)

1stAlia AttiaCambridge – The Leys
2ndMuhammad Umar Abdul-HamidSt. Albans
3rdNikhil KuruvattiKnebworth
3rdAman AttiaCambridge – The Leys

GROUP JF5A – junior freestyle (BROWN belt & ABOVE)

1stFin EganKnebworth
2ndCasey Kamara-HuntBirchwood
3rdEthan AnoyrkatisKnebworth
3rdZak Samat RawCodicote

GROUP JF5B – junior freestyle (BROWN belt & ABOVE)

1stMax GallowayHatfield
2ndNichiforos PetcovHatfield
3rdJoab ChambersKnebworth
3rdHarry McalindenCambridge – The Leys

GROUP CT1 – CADET TEAM (purple belt & below)

1stEmily & HeatherTakeley & Little Canfield
2ndTakeley M&MTakeley & Little Canfield

GROUP CT2 – CADET TEAM (brown belt & above)

1stKatie and AntonioCambridge – Bar Hill
2ndThe EzeukosKnebworth
3rdCodicote TigersHatfield

GROUP CK1 – cadet kata (purple belt & below)

1stEmily DaltonTakeley & Little Canfield
2ndMiki HardyTakeley & Little Canfield
3rdBenjamin YoungCambridge – The Leys

GROUP CK2 – cadet kata (brown belt & above)

1stRose Kusmierek-PehHatfield
2ndAntonio Andrei PintilieCambridge – The Leys
3rdBenjamin IsonBirchwood
3rdCecilia YungBiggleswade

GROUP CF1 – cadet freestyle (female 14-15)

1stRose Kusmierek-PehHatfield
2ndGrace RooneyHitchin
3rdEmily DaltonTakeley & Little Canfield

GROUP CF3 – cadet freestyle (male 14-15)

1stJack GallowayHatfield
2ndLuke ParkerStevenage
3rdOliver FolgeKnebworth
3rdAntonio Andrei PintilieCambridge – The Leys

GROUP CF4 – cadet freestyle (male 16-17)

1stAndreas PetcovHatfield
2ndDarragh TilburyBiggleswade
3rdBenjamin IsonBirchwood
3rdIsaac DeaconKnebworth

GROUP ATK – adult team kata

1stJake & SandySt. Albans
3rdCambridge SenseisCambridge – The Leys

GROUP Ak1 – adult kata (white to orange belt)

1stYuliana DimitrovaIckleford
2ndJames HurstKnebworth
3rdJulie BrankenKnebworth
3rdAnna HarasimowiczHitchin

GROUP Ak2 – adult kata (yellow to purple belt)

1stBlaz LelovTakeley & Little Canfield
2ndAnna MitchellCambridge – Cottenham
3rdParthiban VijayarangakannanCambridge – The Leys
3rdTomasz WisniewskiBiggleswade

GROUP Ak3 – adult kata (3rd to 1st kyu sho)

1stLydia SparrowKnebworth
2ndQuynh LeStevenage
3rdJen AllenKnebworth
3rdDanny LewisStevenage

GROUP Ak4– adult kata (1st kyu to Int. dan)

1stStuart ShepherdCambridge – Bar Hill
2ndIvan HuntBirchwood
3rdRooshil HibbertSt. Albans

GROUP Ak5 – adult kata (black belts)

1stMatthew PassinghamKnebworth
2ndJasmine AbreyStevenage
3rdMasaya YumedaCambridge – The Leys
3rdRussell McalindenCambridge – The Leys

GROUP Ak6 – adult Masters kata (black belt 40+)

1stMasaya YumedaCambridge – The Leys
2ndIan WaltersDuxford
3rdSandy SahotaSt. Albans
3rdJasmine AbreyStevenage

GROUP AF1 – adult freestyle (kyu grades)

1stPhillip SewellWestminster Lodge
2ndDanny LewisStevenage
3rdBlaz LelovTakeley & Little Canfield
3rdKeith PranklinTakeley & Little Canfield

GROUP AF2 – adult freestyle (dan grades)

1stMatthew PassinghamKnebworth
2ndMasaya YumedaCambridge – The Leys
3rdJo PottsCambridge – The Leys
3rdCraig PaulStevenage

GROUP AF3 – adult freestyle (female open grade)

1stJasmine AbreyStevenage
2ndEmma HaighKnebworth
3rdLydia SparrowKnebworth
3rdEmily Ah-MoyeKnebworth

GROUP ATF – adult team freestyle (open grade)

1stSquad teamCambridge – The Leys
2ndCambridge SenseisCambridge – The Leys
3rdPart Timing Old GitsStevenage