Great, then we have some good news for you… then annual ESKA competition has returned after a COVID enforced Sabbatical. We want every ESKA member to take part, so get involved now.

The championships return to the Stevenage Honbu Dojo (Headquarters) on Sunday 16th October. We have setup an event page for more details or check out the flyer below:

Anyone with an ESKA licence can take part and its cheaper than a month of Disney+ to enter.

There are categories for all ages and grades. For example it could be your 1st lesson and you can enter the basic category completing 5 kicks and 5 punches, or you could a bit a few years in and be up for a bit of Team Freestyle fighting.

We want to encourage everyone to enter, so please speak to your club instructor for further details or if you need any support.

Ready to enter? Great then follow this link:

Happy competing and good luck!

Photos from the ESKA championship in 2019

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