Sensei Paul Grimsey, 7th Dan who has over 30 years Shotokan Karate experience will be conducting a Jo (Short Staff) course at the ESKA Hitchin Dojo (Primarily aimed at Adults).  This course is limited to 20 participants due to space.  Don’t miss out, secure your place now!

Course Overview

This course is aimed at anyone who would like to enhance their karate by studying the art of weapon self-defence and is capable of performing katas from the ESKA syllabus up to and including Heian Sandan (Adult 6th Kyu – Green Belt).

The short staff (Jo) is made of wood and is roughly 1.25m / 4 foot long.  Short staffs will be supplied for use during the course or students may bring their own if they have one.

The course will be conducted by Sensei Grimsey (7th Dan) who is well versed in Shotokan, Kung Fu and Bunkai (Kata Application).  Every effort will be made to ensure student safety, however training with weapons can be dangerous and students should consider this before signing up.

What Will  You Learn? 

  • Basic attacking / blocking techniques using the Jo which can easily be applied to the Bo (long staff)
  • Interpretations of the first 3 heian katas using the Jo
  • Using the Jo to simulate limb manipulation within the kata interpretations

Where and When?

  • Hitchin Boys School, Grammar School Walk, SG5 1JB (Cost : £5)
    • Hitchin Members : Saturday 13th Jan 10:30 – 11:30
    • Non-Hitchin Members : Saturday 20th Jan 10:30 – 11:45
      • Non-Hitchin Members, please register your place by contacting Sensei Grimsey at  This course is limited to 20 participants due to space.  Please only register if you intend to come…

Interested but have a Question?

  • For more information contact Sensei Paul Grimsey directly (ask your instructor for contact details) or email Sensei Paul at:
  • See Facebook Post for this event:
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