Our final update of our Japanese adventure as we leave Tokyo and head back to the UK.

It was a very early start and despite the free shuttle from the hotel to the airport, because of us having 5 checked luggage between us, we ordered a taxi for 5:30am. Just as we loaded up and was ready to go, I realised I’d left my passport in the room safe, but luckily it didn’t delay us too much… although Mick and Tony won’t let me live it down!

We arrived at the airport, checked in pretty easily and headed through security etc…

We still all had some Yen left in notes/coin as well as our IC cards which are the cards you use on trains/metros. So naturally we hit duty free for some last minute gifts etc…

All the food places were crazy busy and the airport couldn’t seem to cope with the shear number of people waiting, so we decided to hit the vending machine for breakfast and I settled on a vending machine sandwich… it wasn’t too bad!

Finally it was ready for us to board and brave the 15 hour flight back to the UK. We actually went the other way around the globe on the way home, so flew over Canada and Greenland. I managed to sneak a picture of Mick and Tony asleep with their eye masks, shortly after our meal and their many Merlots.

15 Hours later we landed in the UK and it WASN’T raining (That didn’t last for long)! yay! We grabbed our bags and headed home, just in time to hit Thursday rush hour on the M25/A1(M).

Thats it for our 12 day adventure in Japan, thanks for putting up with these posts and reading all about it. Hopefully its inspired some more of you to plan a Japan visit and if so we are more than happy to help… as we learn’t a lot!

Now the saving begins for the next adventure!


Sensei Steve

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