Following the ESKA Kyu gradings the Hitchin dojo have been running a series of courses and the next one is Tai Chi and Karate – Part 1 (Breathing and Structure). Read on for details…

This course on 22nd June will improve the breathing, relaxation and posture of your karate. It will be ideal for those students who find relaxation difficult, or are overly tense in the upper body.  For students who are already relaxed, the breathing techniques will enhance what you already do.  We will also look at ways to strengthen your posture, whilst reducing the effort required.  This will benefit all karate-ka, as well as those where correct body positioning is of high importance e.g. competition.  Part 2 of the course, to be held in September, will concentrate on speed and power and will build on concepts from this course.

This course is suitable for all adults or juniors 3rd kyu and above.

What you will learn:

  • Breathing techniques used within tai chi that can aid relaxation and also enhance your karate techniques
  • How to make your karate positions stronger, using body positioning and visualisation techniques
  • The beginning section of a tai chi form (kata)

You can find out more details about the event, including the location, price and how to register here:

Sensei Grimsey

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