ESKA Announcements

ESKA Championships 2023

Below are estimated timings for the event categories on the day. Whilst we aim to meet these timings as best as possible, please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before your category start time.

09:10 Teams on all six Areas (JT1, JT2, JT3, ATK1, ATK2, FTK)
09:30 White belts | 09:40 Junior Orange / Yellow Kumite (JF2) | 09:50 Junior Red Basics / Kata (JB3, JK3), Adult kata (AK1)
10:05 Junior Blue Basics / Kata (JB2, JK2) | 10:15 Junior Green Kumite (JF3) | 10:25 Junior Orange Kata (JF4)
11:10 Junior Purple Kumite (JF4), Junior Yellow Kata (JK5), Adult kata (AK3, AK4, AK5) | 11:40 Junior Green Kata (JK6)
11:55 Junior Brown / Black Kumite (JF5), Cadet Kata (CK1, CK2, CK3) | 12:25 Junior Purple Kata (JK7)
12:35 Adult Kumite (AF3, AF4, AF5), Junior Black Kata (JK9) | 13:10 Junior Brown Kata (JK8)
13:45 Cadet Kumite (CF3, CF4, CF5), Black Belt Masters (AK6), Adult Team Kumite (ATF) | 15:30 finish

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