I’m sure most of you are already well aware, that the grading is this Sunday. Whilst you are busy with your last minute preparations and practice we wanted to remind […]

We have just been made aware that the AMA Championships 2018 have been cancelled by the event organisers. This is due to the adverse weather conditions currently being experienced and […]

Every year the AMA (Amature Martial Association) hold their International Competition and invite amature Martial Artists to compete in Kumite or Kata categories. This years competition will be held at […]

As you may know, history is a very important part of Karate-do and its important we don’t forget where it all started. With Karate being showcased at the 2020 Olympics […]

With yesterday being Shrove Tuesday or more widely known as “Pancake Day”, it means today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent. Around the world Christian’s observe the days leading […]