The day begins in biggleswade

This years tour started in the first pub of the original beer tour a decade ago and the location of the now infamous “PIE GATE” incident (which will be marked by Biggleswades first Blue Circle plaque outside the pub – but it might have a bite sized chunk missing!!).

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So, here is the ESKA 2018 “Deep South Real Ale Tour” synopsis with the usual anecdotal stories…. Sensei Gavin having yet another food issue, Sensei Tony still unable to drink a full pint of Ale, the welcome introduction of 2 new “Real Alers” and of course another excellent final meal to finish the night off.

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Real Ale Tour – Another Year

Following another successful ESKA Real Ale Tour, here is a short write up of the few highlights that can be remembered!

We must also compliment and thank both Matt (‘driver’, who only got lost once) and Fiona (‘head mistress’ who made sure all the “kids” got round  safely) and without whom the tour would not have been possible. They also coped well with the heckling and the later than expected finish.

In keeping with the ‘head mistress’ and educational theme, the day was more educational than expect and a number of important things were learnt throughout the day, either by practical experiment, harsh experience or observation.

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