With May’s Dan Grading fast approaching, its time to share details of the Pre Dan Grading Course.

Everyone who intends on grading in May MUST attend this course to be eligible to grade.

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On Saturday the 30th April ESKA held its Summer Dan Grading at Little Staughton Village hall in Bedfordshire.

The Dan grading as always is a very difficult grading and all the students worked really hard and did their best.

I would like to thank all the grading examiners who worked tirelessly from 10.00am untill 6.00pm and to congratulate all the following students that passed.

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Dan grading’s are grading’s for anyone attempting Intermediate Black Belt or above. These grading’s are very tough and last for hours. Unlike the Kyu grading’s these are held behind closed doors and are not available to be watched by spectators.

Grading forms can be obtained through your club instructor. Similar to the Kyu grading’s you must have your instructors consent prior to grading as well as Sensei Nursey (ESKA Chief Instructor).

Prior to grading you should have completed the 6 week course held at Stevenage Hombu.