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The ESKA Championships were held on Sunday 12th November at the Stevenage Hombu (ESKA Headquarters). The event was a massive success with karate of great spirit and focus on show, along with fantastic support from family and the local community.

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ESKA’S elite squad took part in the WUKF World championships last week in Dundee, Scotland.

The squad did amazingly well, make sure you read on for the full details!

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We have just been made aware that the AMA Championships 2018 have been cancelled by the event organisers.

This is due to the adverse weather conditions currently being experienced and with more severe weather planned to be on the way, this was deemed the best course of action for the organisers.

We will keep you updated if the competition is to be rearranged for another date. Please watch this space.

Oss Karate-ka,

With only a few days to go, are you getting excited? I know myself and the other instructors are!

I thought I would share a few reminders and further details about the day, just to help alleviate some of those pre-competition nerves.

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This year the competition is on a Sunday and all contestants will receive a participation certificate, with medals/trophies (to be confirmed) being awarded to 1st, 2nd and both 3rd places.

Categories may include:

  • Kihon (basic): 5 punches forward, turn, 5 kicks back
  • Kata (forms): Choose any Shotokan kata
  • Team Kata: Teams of two can choose any Shotokan kata
  • Family Kata: Teams of any size from 1 family
  • Kumite (freestyle fighting): Head-guards provided to juniors but all contestants must provide their own gum shield