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KYU Grading – Dec 2017

On Sunday 10th December we held our last KYU grading of 2017 and boy was it one to remember (or rather forget?!).

With the heavy snowfall on the Saturday night through to Sunday morning, it presented us with a challenge we have never had to deal with before.

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KYU Grading

The ESKA KYU Grading is a public grading, meaning parents, friends and family can watch. The grading starts at 10am sharp, however please check your grading form as higher grades and adults usually have a different time.

Grading forms can be obtained from your club instructor, who must sanction you attempting to grade. Please ensure that when you return your grading form you include the correct fee along with your ESKA Licence. If you do not have a licence you will not be able to grade.

If you are successful in grading, you can purchase your new belt from the table near the entrance. Certificates are sent to club instructors a few weeks after the grading, all licences will be returned at the time of grading.