ESKA Today Timelines: History of Karate

ESKA is now past its 40th year!!! with its chief instructor being Sensei Michael Nursey (9th Dan). ESKA is one of the oldest and biggest associations in Great Britain and boasts a huge amount of higher grades and black belts.

7th Dans – Sensei Gavin Paul, Sensei Paul Raymond

6th Dans – Sensei Paul Grimsey, Sensei Owen Ramsden, Sensei John Gillespie, Sensei Rae Nursey, Sensei Tony Stones

5th Dans – Sensei John Higgins, Sensei Ian Walters, Sensei Angus Pearson, Sensei Wayne James, Sensei Graeme Main, Sensei Des Allen, Sensei Jeff Rand

4th Dans – Sensei Garry Hutton, Sensei Geoff Browne, Sensei Malcolm Stamp, Sensei Glenn Hildyard, Sensei Ian Ramsden, Sensei Farah Malik, Sensei Andrew Quenet

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