Peichin Takahara Timelines: History of Karate

Takahara Pēchin was an early karate practitioner. He was known as a great warrior and is attributed to have been the first to explain the aspects or principles of the dō (“way”). Pēchin was a social class of the Ryūkyū Kingdom.

These principles are: 1) ijō, the way-compassion, humility, and love. 2) katsu, the laws-complete understanding of all techniques and forms of karate, and 3) fo dedication-the seriousness of karate that must be understood not only in practice, but in actual combat.

The collective translation is: “One’s duty to himself and his fellow man.” He was the first teacher of Sakukawa “Tode” Kanga who was to become known as the “father of Okinawan karate.”

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