Ryukyu Satsuma Invasion Timelines: History of Karate

Peace remained in the Ryukyu Islands until 1609, when a small group of people started to rebel (Satsuma Clan), so the king at that time called King Shimazu made a one off weaponed army to fight this clan.

Eventually after many battles the kings army won and so he reissued the banning of the weapons but with firmer restrictions. He even banned agricultural tools as they were being used as weapons (eg Bo, Staff, sickles & Nunchucku).

Ryukyunians began learning fighting methods in secret and at night and eventually designed a fighting method which only used the hands and feet as weapons. This became known as Okinawa-te.

Due to the trade with China the fighting methods integrated and when it returned to China, it became known as Kara-te, which at that time translated as Chinese Hand.

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